VACAMOLE is a party Game for up to four players. The game is about playing a farmer in the jungle who trys to lure or chase the most cattle into its own barn. The Prototype was developed during the ETH Game Programming Laboratory in Cooperation with ZHdK in 2017 and won the ‘Jury Choice Award”.

My part in the project was creating all the graphics, animations and visual appearance of the game. The whole game is programmed by Alexander Kayed, Moritz Zilian, Florian Zinggeler in MonoGame Engine.

Music – Marimba Boy, Pascal Tatipata (

  • Partner: In Cooperation with the ZHdK and the ETH Game Laboratory
  • Programming: Alexander Kayed, Moritz Zilian, Florian Zinggeler
  • Task: Illustration, Graphics, Animation, Sounddesign
  • Genre: Local Multiplayer
  • Platform: Windows, Mac OS
  • State: Prototype
  • Software: MonoGameEngine
  • Year: 2017